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I was born in England in 1977, with Irish ancestry and graduated in literature at the university of Ulster in Northern Ireland, where I took a great interest in the troubles and paramilitary activity. I have been travelling and living around Europe since 2000. I lived in Prague for one year where I worked in the adult tourist industry and walked the mean dark streets, dealing with pick pockets, Russian Mafia, Nigerian drugs gangs and Bulgarian Gypsy prostitutes. I have lived in Palermo, Italy, since 2007, where I have extensively researched Sicilian history and the Mafia. Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to the poorest and most crime ridden areas to gain inspiration. For me, the invisible or untouchable people are the most real and human of all. They feature heavily in all my writing. My latest fact based crime thriller is called The Savage Heart of Palermo. Much of the book was inspired by real people, places and events. All names have been changed to protect the guilty and myself. I myself am an ex criminal and drug user who has spent periods of time in prison, hence my interest in crime fiction and noir. I have a wealth of experience to draw from. I always write from the point of view of the criminals and the police are very marginal in my books. I find them boring. Some of my characters are like myself, 'bad boys turned good' and others are just bad to the bone. I am currently working on another crime thriller and para-paranormal noir romance about Irish Travellers and Romany Gypsies, entitled, The Bare Knuckle Fighter. I am also reviewing my memoirs from Prague, entitled The Dark Streets of Prague and hope to have them to a publishable standard before long. My real life is stranger than the fiction I write. As you will find, in The Bare Knuckle Fighter, I am interested in playing around with and hinting at the paranormal (hence para-paranormal) but never rendering it completely supernatural, as I want to leave the reader with more questions than satisfaction. Paradoxically, I am a die hard sceptic who likes the idea of the unknown. I am self employed and work as a writer, editor, journalist, translator, English teacher and general dog's body. I live each day at a time on the fringes of society. I have no idea where I will be in ten minutes time, let alone ten years. I am fluent in Italian and have translated books, including scuba diving manuals and the Universal History of Islam. One of my hobbies is reading Italian noir fiction in which crimes are rarely solved. Italians are the masters of pessimistic style crime thrillers. I hope you will be reading my work soon and that you will have strong feelings about it.

Chovihani (ice-capades)

(The following is an extract from the novel Chovihani. This is a work in progress and so will get more editing done to it etc… enjoy the bitch anyway.) *** “Hey, shit for brains. Stop tweaking, put that feckin’ pipe … Continue reading

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Excellent and affordable editing services

I will edit your manuscript and provide lots of comments so you can understand exactly what I have done and why. You will greatly improve as a writer because of it and, if you follow my advice, your next novel … Continue reading

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Darky O’Hara (from The Bare Knuckle Fighter)

(The following is a sneak preview from my next latest novel which you can find here Darky O’Hara’s lone caravan was situated at the edge of a rough overgrown field, by a small muddy pond, in the middle of … Continue reading

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The view from the horse (journalistic prose)

The principal meeting place in central Prague is the huge bronze statue of King Wenceslas that stands at the very top of Vasklavske Namesti or Wenceslas square. The king sits astride a horse in front of the impressive National Museum and looks … Continue reading

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Mild opiate withdrawals in a Palermo Pizzeria (prose)

Mild opiate withdrawals in a Palermo Pizzeria. My mind is awake and awash with ideas. Scribbling incessantly, I fill the back of a paper place mat, that would perhaps serve better for more sanitary purposes, than with my own self … Continue reading

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Ode to a green velvet armchair pissed on by a cat (prose)

I rescued a lovely antique armchair today, abandoned in the street like a runny nosed orphan. I have been spending the last few hours lovingly disinfecting and cleaning it, in case someone died in it of the consumption or some … Continue reading

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My translations of Italian literature

Vincenzo Auria, Memorie varie di Sicilia nel tempo della ribellione di Messina dal 2 gennaio del 1676 al 5 maggio del 1685 Vincenzo Auria, various memories of Sicily during the rebellion of Messina on 2 January 1676 to 5 May … Continue reading

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